May 16, 2022

The Blog of a Chronic Content Creator

Making The Habit

Well, I’ve never really used the lj user link before to refer to my friends, so I figure I’ll start. What better way than to explain my friends / friend of listing?
is my friend Tony. A really interesting and evil person indeed. He keeps saying he’ll post more here, but we’ll see.
is one of my friends from Parma High. We used to hang out a lot in Highschool but had lost contact as of late. I’m still intending to call him and hang out SOMETIME This month or next.
is my mother, plain and simple.
is my girlfriend, although she’s really not into this live journal stuff.
is a friend of my mom’s from Cavies Galore . A lot of strange and interesting people post there, but they’re all a bit TOO into their guinea pigs…
is ‘s sister. I happened to find her on LJ after Tony told me
she had an account here.
So there, I’ve used lj user – happy now?
I’m sitting at the lake w/ Karey across from me. Her friend Frances is still asleep, to the best of my knowledge. Mom & Dad left this morning to head home, and I”m just hoping this overcast day changes to bright n sunny sometime. It seems whenever I have visitors up, the weather sucks.
Doesn’t look like Direcway upgraded me to pro yet, so I may call them and complain. I want FASTER downloads and a static IP!