May 21, 2022

The Blog of a Chronic Content Creator

Lunch @ The Olive Garden.

Well, I was at the Olive Garden today and as I was walking in I heard a loud booming voice of Mr. Boddy say “Mr. Jon Westfall”. I had remembered Kyle was working there, but for some reason, didn’t think it was THAT olive garden. Nonetheless, it was good seeing him.
This weekend, Ashley & Will & I will be heading up to the lake ( Karey will, unfortunatly, probably not be able to attend 🙁 ). When they leave Saturday night, I’ll stay up as Mom’s friend Melody & her husband Herb will be coming in Sunday & Monday. My lake house is turning into a resort!
Next weekend is Karey & her friend Frances at the lake.
Akron is raising my hourly rate for the fall, so I’ll probably continue teaching A+ on saturdays there. It’ll be fun to only have to teach at UA once a week. Starting this fall, however, I’ll probably begin giving out another email addy to my students, a non-akron one.