May 22, 2022

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Back In The Day Kids…

Back in the fun loving yet dangerous 80’s, one of the wonderful things you’d buy to play with you and your family were Yard Darts. Yard Darts, you see, were a cool idea – you simply put 2 targets down, and hurdle pointed steel-tipped darts at these targets. If your friends were lazy and didn’t move, you may just spear one of them! For some unfathomable reason, people thought this ‘toy’ might be a bit dangerous and yanked it from the market. Its that sad fact, coupled with their being amongst the prohibited and restricted items on ebay, that means you probably won’t find them in a store near you. We still have a set though, and had a great time launching them at each other at the lake today. Who needs 2 eyes anyway?
Notice how the adults stand with a target at their feet… and the wonderful warning at the bottom of the box.