May 21, 2022

The Blog of a Chronic Content Creator

Mixing It Up For Class

I’m currently mixing a nice bit of phat beats onto my Nomad for class tonight. I like playing music during labs to give people something to listen to. So far the reaction has been good. If I run it off the nomad, however, I won’t have the remote control abilities I like from my laptop. Setup is, however, a lot easier!
So what’s on “Class Mix 1” so far? The following:
My Life – Billy Joel
Roll With the Changes – REO Speedwagon
The Gambler – Kenny Rogers
Bring Me Home Country Roads – John Denver
Dancing With Myself – Billy Idol
Material Girl – Madonna
Picture – Kid Rock & Sheryl Crow
Now to pick some more! I like picking a diverse bit of music so all my students can enjoy it. Of course, me enjoying it is an issue as well!