May 16, 2022

The Blog of a Chronic Content Creator

Last Night

The graduation party at the Himmels was really quite amazing. Some highlights include:
* Frances drinking 1/2 bottle of Kuluah and turning into “Giggles” for a bit. The buzz was more emotional than alcohol, but fun to watch none the same.
* Sue finding a very inebrieted young man preparing to soil her towels in the misguided attempt to find a bathroom and mistaking a closet for one (Good thing she was there to steer him back to a spot on the floor at 4 AM)
* The local football coach evangelizing some very uninterested people who were either a) from another school, b) graduated, or c) generally disinterested. Screams of “Who are you” (and a reply of “i dunno?”) and then “ARE YOU A BLUE DEVIL????” came from the fire as I cleaned up the tent area. Before this he had launched into a 20 min. lecture of how Burgettstown is “settling” and not pursuing its goal. Sounded too much like a movie script for me.
* Greg tapping a keg for “everyone else” but him. Karey & I know the truth… the scarier thing was that Mark was the one who tapped o
ut the keg at 1 AM. Poor under 21-ers… the ‘adults’ (Some acted it, some didn’t) cleared a lot of alcohol before they could try to grab some.
(Note to law enforcement: Mark & Greg are both himmels, thus allowed to drink! HA – you were too busy with the dave matthew’s concert to even notice the bonanza on lee rd…)
* The aforementioned football coach getting Greg to go with him to pick up some more beer at midnight.
* Greg receiving a new girlfriend from his former employers (Reynold’s tree service) of a most inflated kind. She arrived with dollar bills covering any interesting parts, much to the chagrin of girlfriend Sarah and to the delight of the small children in attendance.
* Frances ‘insisting’ we go out to Robinson so she could pursue a perspective love interest at Wendys. After the water baloon filling mayhem, she just “had” to change into her tank top to go to wendys… draw conclusions as you’d like.
* The aforementioned football coach (again) nearly running over Sue at 5 AM as he attempted (for the second time) to drive home… He finally was able to make it home around 7.
So all in all, a pretty amazing party was thrown. One that will live in history. Sue swears she’s going to offer Scott $2,000 to not have party next year.