May 28, 2022

The Blog of a Chronic Content Creator

Gotta Get To Work!

Marie & Michael & I had dinner last night at Quaker Steak and she said something to me that really hit for some reason. I told her that I’m redesigning Toledo’s Psychology Website (A site I have some great plans for, BTW) and she said “That’s how you do it – everywhere you go”… then alluding to my ability to find work where ever I want. I will admit, its kinda odd the way I can grab work various places.
Today I was participating in one of my favorite exercises: Sitting on the Couch watching TNT. For some reason, I’ve become somewhat addicted to the TV programs they show during the daytime. I was watching the 12 noon showing of “Judging Amy” and knew that I had to get up here and do some work, less I get sucked into Law & Order at 1, then 2 Episodes of NYPD Blue at 2 & 3, and finally another episode of Judging Amy at 4. Oh my life has evolved into watching TV and occassionally doing some internet related work. What a wonder life I suppose.
Well, now its off to designing a viable template for Toledo. I’m not quite sure what I want to use, but have some ideas. I’ll have to chec
k out UT’s website to see if they have a photo gallery of some sort I can grab some images from. UA’s website has some stock “students in classrooms” pictures I could grab as well. I’ll probably BS on AIM for awhile too.
Internet will be installed at the lake a week from today, at 10 AM so maybe this time next week I’ll be surfing at high speed in paradise.
Oh, and about the “Mood” today, well I’m never in a flirty mood, but for the next 3 minutes, perhaps I will be. Warnings to anyone who may IM me… 😉