April 19, 2021


Researcher, Educator, Author, And More

Carpe Porcus

Well, I changed the headline on Diannewestfall.com, which doesn’t do me much good, as Diannewestfall.com is down. Its a DNS issue and the nice folks over at MyDomain are working on it. Guess you’ll all have to wait to see what the change is, however my subject line here may be giving it away… 😉
Oh, BTW, the song I’m listening to right now rocks. Its by Dido, whom I’m usually not a fan of, but for some reason its pretty catchy. Probably has to do with its extensive us of Dactylic and Anapestic meter in varous lengths (dimeters & trimeters it seems to me). See all – I do know something about poetry & verse. And you all thought I was simply a computer geek…