May 16, 2022

The Blog of a Chronic Content Creator

My Best Stories

If anyone ever needs a good laugh, please ask me about my best stories of life. Here is the (partial) list.
1. The Rusty X-Acto Blade Story
2. The Time They Thought I Lost My Spleen
3. The Time I Had 1 Student In Class, and Subsequent Odd Attendance Issues.
4. The Little Skeleton Pinata that Flew In The Rainstorm.
5. The Milk, The Upset Stomach, and the First Grade Teacher Who Got it Terribly Wrong.
6. The Star Trek Convention & The 11 Year Old’s Championship
7. The Honors Project from Hell
8. The Graduate School Application Experience From Hell
9. The Story of How You Too Can Result in Teaching at a Major University at Age 18.
10. The Story of The Shifty Payroll Department At UA.
(6/27/04) 11. The Antics of Greg’s Graduation Party
(7/4/04) 12. The Blue Brick & The Scared High School Students
Those might be the Chapters of my autobiography… 🙂