May 22, 2022

The Blog of a Chronic Content Creator

Lake House Pimpin’

Well, yesterday T and I came up to the lake and we put in a good amount of x10 wiring. Steve came in late last night (i.e. 1AM) and chilled as well. Today we just hung and I’ve been cutting grass on and off (I have about 1/3 the back left to go… big freakin square of ankle high grass!). I swear, if my parents would let me I’d pave over all the damn grass and park the fleet on there (so I can free up the garage for my daily drivers.
Got the spa going, so whenever I decide to hang up the mower for the night (probably soon, I can finish grass cutting tomorrow), I’ll probably shower and take a dip in there. Then its onto figuring out the odd problem with these 3-way lights. Argh!
The father said he may make an appearence tonight after Melody’s party of which he is attending. he won’t be in till 10 or 11, and I may be asleep by then. Apparently we don’t have power in Parma due to the huge storms yesterday, so I’ll happily sit up here with my power buzzing around me.
Catch ya later,