May 21, 2022

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Eye Doctors Are So Weird

Went to VisionWorld today and got my eyes checked out, new glasses ordered. It will be nice to get rid of these perma-dirty pieces of crap I’ve been wearing for a a few months now. Anyway, PH got one of those really great irate client emails today. It went like this:

” Are you not understanding? Obviously if I told you that it was there
before I restored it, I did not delete them, YOU did. So fix it. I’m giving you
the darned permission. I expect notification next time you refresh or delete
my emails. YOUR customer service may improve with more communication.”

Now my Indian Friend Chetan did a nice job handling this person, but really people – do you really think we make it a goal to go around deleting people’s stuff? If we did, than I’m really lagging behind… I haven’t wantonly destroyed peoples data in years….
On another note, this does remind me to begin writing a scavanging script for the Linux box to delete OOOOLLLLLDDDD log files from the Urchin clients. They’re filling up my /home partition pretty quickly!
Catch ya laters!