May 22, 2022

The Blog of a Chronic Content Creator

Day 1 of Somethingness

Well, the days of nothingness ended yesterday, with today being the first day of Somethingness. Today I must travel to Akron (for the first time since saturday, yuck) and meet with Dr. Hardin regarding my last role play. Hopefully it will be a smooth meeting (I don’t anticipate any problems). Its kinda strange, because its probably the last time I’ll be in the psych department (as a student, possibly ever) so I’m kinda weirded out. One thing ends, another begins I guess.
Mr. Rylow may accompany me down there, I’ll call him and see if he still wants to. We were thinking about having Office Max run off and cut us some business cards, but I think I may just buy the perferrorated stock and run them here. If you cut that stuff, it looks pretty nice. I recently found an old card of mine run off on that stuff. It may have been slightly bent, but still looked pretty good after 4 years of being thrown around my room.
Well, gotta go call karey. Later!