May 22, 2022

The Blog of a Chronic Content Creator

2 Stupid People Alerts today!

Karey gave me a stupid people alert today. While working last night she had an order for a medium sprite and a medium lemonade. She gave them out the window and the woman asked “How do I tell which one is which”… Her reply? “Look at the damn things!”. After all, if its yellow, its probably lemonade dumbass! Ever drink clear lemonade before? I think not.
The second SPA today comes via Full Story Here (be sure to read). Anyway, irate woman gets pulled over for no tags, runs off, cop chases her down as she comes out of a deli with gummy worms in hand. As he tries to arrest her, she grabs his balls and then wonders why he ‘roughed her up a bit’ on the way to the police wagon.
At least that’s the cop’s side of things… The woman ” claimed she was driving her niece to school in her newly purchased used Honda, and Kelsey [the cop] stopped and asked Burgess [the ball grabber] if she knew the men across the street.
He the
n threatened to arrest her if she didn’t produce her driver’s license, Burgess testified. ”
And it gets better…”She said he reached into the car and grabbed the car keys, then hopped into the driver’s seat and threatened to take her dog, Baltimore, to the pound if she didn’t get rid of him as he rifled through the car. ”
Anyway you slice it, some deffinite stupidity here. Perphaps the best line of the article?
“Burgess insisted that she never grabbed Kelsey’s genitalia. And she wasn’t holding gummy worms, she said. ”
On other notes, I”m just chillin today with no deffinite plans. Got my RH 9 box up and running, with heyu working nicely on it. I’m still amazed the WLAN card installed so easily. . Just 3 small rpms and the thing was running like a top. Had to hack some config scripts to start networking AFTER pcmcia, but after that, it worked fine.