July 25, 2021


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Weird Al’s Parents Died

Last weekend it was found that the parents of Weird Al Yankovic (Nick & Mary Yankovic) had both died of carbon monoxide. Sad really. Weird Al is one of my favorite artists, not just because his songs can be freaking hilarious, but because he’s remaining pretty down to earth even after winning a grammy and such. This isn’t too hard as most of the pop culture views him as unpopular (i.e. he does comedy, but his comedy doesn’t rely on shock & cursing, and how is that popular??).
So I’m sitting in Exploring Music, listening to stuff about the Rolling Stones. Really exciting. The caddy needs to get gassed up & oiled today before I return to Akron later today. Oh will I be happy when I don’t have to freaking teach every evening. This semester has been one long tiring class.
Oh, and just for the record, I’m taking ~160 of classes this semester, and teaching ~130 hours. I’ve almost caught up my taking-to-teaching ratio. Wow.

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