June 19, 2021


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Ethical Question #1

Ok, here is my stab at putting my intro to philosophy class to good use. I’ll try to post (every so often) ethical questions and invite others to comment on them. Today’s hit me while I was in church, and as always with hypothetical situations, remember, this does not indicate anything I have done or plan to do (or am doing currently):
Ok, a man who loves his wife very much is a bit drunk one night and submits to a one-night fling with another woman. He still loves his wife, and she loves him very very much. So much, that he knows that confessing his sins to his wife will absolutly ruin her self image, and hurt her very deeply. He feels horrible about it, and eventually confesses it to a minister and feels that his god has forgiven him. But now he doesn’t know what to do about his wife. He knows that it will never happen again (and since this is a hypothetical world, we can assume it never did), but is torn between coming clean to his wife and hurting her, or sparing her feelings by keeping it to himself. Added in is the fact that he believes that keeping it to himself would be a very cowardly thing t
o do, as he basically will live with a lie to save his ass.
2 Thougth Questions:
1. Is it possible for him to put his wife’s needs above his own and chose to keep it a secret to spare her feelings, or if he chooses this route, is he merely covering his ass?
2. If you were the wife, and found out, would you wish you hadn’t? Ignorance is bliss, and sometimes we can live very happy lives without knowing the truth about absoulty everything.
So what does everyone think? Please comment.

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