June 19, 2021


The Blog of a Chronic Content Creator

A Lesson in Ergonomics

Well, I changed my desk configuration today again, as I really need to find the ultimate, ergonomic setup. I don’t know why I’m bothering so much, because in 3 months I’ll have it all moved up to the lake, but for now, I just NEED things in a good order. It’s kinda scary that its 3 months away come to think of it.
So the To-Do list this weekend:
1. Work on the websites of the people that keep bugging me to make them a website.
2. Write paper for Counseling Techniques course.
3. Study for Exploring Music Final.
4. Study for Test 3 in Psych. of Women.
So these are tentatively schedule for Saturday, sunday, and monday. Hopefully, not all monday…

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