More & More Friends-Only Posts

I just made a new friends only post – which means that if you haven’t gotten off your lazy ass and made me a friend of yours (So I see you to make you one of mine) than you can’t read it! I’ll probably be making more and more of these friend-only, so sign up for a free LJ account today and make me your friend!

What Exactly Is an…

What Exactly is an Open Door Policy? Here at Akron, the profs keep their doors ajar when they are in their offices, and I got to thinking just now – is that an open door policy in action? or does the door have to be fully open? partially? unlocked but closed? Man, life is so confusing.
Anway, I’m thinking about making a Daily Interesting Quote (along the lines of what I posted last night) – perhaps I shall…

Phone Post Number 1!!!

First Phone Post, to the Wonderful & Talented Mr. Steve Jocke. If you can’t hear this, download the plugin for Windows Media Player at or !

Kent State Really has a Way of Complicating Your Day.

KSU’s Dr. Zaragoza emailed me today saying that they were going to offer me admission to their experimental program. Great, now I have to choose between Toledo & KSU… I guess its better than having to choose my career path after being rejected from all the grad programs I applied to….
Stay Tuned!

Steven Touched Me…

Ok, this is a somewhat humerous story so I figured I share it.
This morning in Dr. Hardin’s class, we had a big group discussion about ethics / morality in counseling. Ellen’s Friend Steven was sitting next to me and when we got on the topic of touching / physical contact in counseling, he said he didn’t think it was appropriate at all, and that if his counselor touched him, he’d “freak”. I didn’t really have much to contribute on the topic, but as he’s emphatically talking about it, he moved his right arm out and it lightly struck my left elbow. He quickly looked over and said “Sorry” but at that point the sheer irony struck some members of the class and I saw some very humored expressions accross the room.
For my part, physical contact has been something I’ve been less paranoid about in the past few years. Some people, like Toni @ PSR, are very much into hugging and such, and it used to bother me. Now I’m really not adversely affected by it. I always joke with Ashley & Christina that they hug everyone except me (Ashley’s gotten better about it, which is nice as I believe he
r and I are close enough to hug, Christina maintains that I’m not a huggable person, which I find humerous).
On a related note, after this I’m posting a private post on some future plans that everyone besides Karey & I want to know about. Karey – if you’d ever join livejournal, I could make a group that would let you read those posts… ๐Ÿ˜‰

Nosy Nosy Students!

Tonight I was sitting at the end of the conference room table where I teach and had my laptop over to the side. One of my students came into the room and actually turned to stare at my laptop for about 30 seconds. Now I understand that they want to see what technology looks like and all that, but I had Outlook open at the time and was glad I had just moved my mail items to “Old Mail” instead of leaving them in inbox. Granted there was really nothing interesting to see there, it was still a bit odd to think some stranger was looking through my Outlook. Really, don’t people have respect?