Revolt of Jon’s Body

My body is plotting a rebellion against me…. I can feel it.
I started exercising 2 days ago… went for 2 walks now (every other day) and my body isn’t happy about it. Headaches today and yesterday, and a stomach ache all night (which was made all the better by guinea pig wars this morning). I think I’m going to have to go on the offensive….

Amazingly Productive Night

Tonight was amazingly productive. I worked on, wrote a paper, cleaned out an email box (transferring it to my permenant email archives) and am now, at 1:30, ready to relax and go to bed. If I was always this productive… i’d be an amazing spectacle to watch, until I broke down and fell apart into a million jon pieces.

Ethical Question #1

Ok, here is my stab at putting my intro to philosophy class to good use. I’ll try to post (every so often) ethical questions and invite others to comment on them. Today’s hit me while I was in church, and as always with hypothetical situations, remember, this does not indicate anything I have done or plan to do (or am doing currently):
Ok, a man who loves his wife very much is a bit drunk one night and submits to a one-night fling with another woman. He still loves his wife, and she loves him very very much. So much, that he knows that confessing his sins to his wife will absolutly ruin her self image, and hurt her very deeply. He feels horrible about it, and eventually confesses it to a minister and feels that his god has forgiven him. But now he doesn’t know what to do about his wife. He knows that it will never happen again (and since this is a hypothetical world, we can assume it never did), but is torn between coming clean to his wife and hurting her, or sparing her feelings by keeping it to himself. Added in is the fact that he believes that keeping it to himself would be a very cowardly thing t
o do, as he basically will live with a lie to save his ass.
2 Thougth Questions:
1. Is it possible for him to put his wife’s needs above his own and chose to keep it a secret to spare her feelings, or if he chooses this route, is he merely covering his ass?
2. If you were the wife, and found out, would you wish you hadn’t? Ignorance is bliss, and sometimes we can live very happy lives without knowing the truth about absoulty everything.
So what does everyone think? Please comment.

Snapping Turtles need to be legalized as a form of self-defense weaponry!

Another saturday class, another 1 student class. wtf? is this a new trend now. Skip Jon’s class, he won’t mind. I always said it would be cool if no one showed, but I never actually meant it. I guess if they want to pay for the class and not show up, that’s their business. But I wish I had some advance notice, or at least explanations from my missing students about where they ended up (at least that I can work with). Oh well, back to staring at Dave, wondering what to do when I get home, and planning on when I will get that work done I need to.
Thursday, around noon, I should be a very happy man…

A Lesson in Ergonomics

Well, I changed my desk configuration today again, as I really need to find the ultimate, ergonomic setup. I don’t know why I’m bothering so much, because in 3 months I’ll have it all moved up to the lake, but for now, I just NEED things in a good order. It’s kinda scary that its 3 months away come to think of it.
So the To-Do list this weekend:
1. Work on the websites of the people that keep bugging me to make them a website.
2. Write paper for Counseling Techniques course.
3. Study for Exploring Music Final.
4. Study for Test 3 in Psych. of Women.
So these are tentatively schedule for Saturday, sunday, and monday. Hopefully, not all monday…

Tuition Raises at UA

This afternoon I got the UA ZipMail (campus wide student, faculty, staff emailing) that reported that Akron’s Tuition was going up 9.9 percent next fall. 19% for new incoming law students. Now I know why I busted ass to graduate early… As a humerous side note, it wasn’t until 3 hours later I got my Faculty notice from Proenza about the tuition increases. It was a bit tardy…

My Eyes Suck

Computer screens have opened the doors to much of the opprotunities in my life. It was a computer screen that allowed me to become interested in networking, programming, exploration of the internet, computer certifications, and teaching and persuing an academic career. It is also those bloody computer screens that have turned my 21 year old eyes into crap. Lets recap my average daily experience with them:
1. Work on laptop for more than 15 minutes, look up, and experience a mini-headache for about a minute while my eyes focus on everything else around me.
2. Work on my setup at home and get a headache from staring at a CRT and LCD.
My Setup: Setup Image
3. Start reading a novel (something I love to do) and have to quit about 20 min. in because my eyes can’t adjust to that type.
So what do I do? Well, yesterday I set my monitor on 120 DPI and its actually helped a lot, but now my screen is
assedly huge. Oh well, guess I’ll have to do something.
I find that the less I expose myself to computers, my problems go away a bit. So I try to cut back my exposure. My advice to all those little techie kids out there (and parents, friends of them), follow OSHA regs regarding computer monitors. Take eye breaks, focus on other things, and above all, stay away from 12 hour work sessions like I used to pull as a kid.
But don’t feel too bad for me… my eyes have gotten better since I’ve started being aware of this issue. Just heed my advice.
Oh, and a miscellaneous quote:
Yea buddy… life is funny.. I have the money to have you killed by somebody that has nothing
Good Old Eminem