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If you would like to get a restaurant in ‘super quick’, here’s how to do it: 

  • Find the calorie information for the restaurant and note the URL
  • Enter the calorie information into an Excel Spreadsheet (food name and calorie count are fine, so just 2 columns).
  • Use the form below to send me the Source URL and the Excel Spreadsheet, and I’ll integrate it into the app within a few days!

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  • armandomartin73

    Awesome App!

  • Steven Cook

    Add a paid version to remove ads.

    • Jon Westfall

      Thanks for the comment, I’ll consider it.


  • Jenny

    Would it be possible to add more nutritional information, like fat and carbohydrates? I’m diabetic and dependent on an insulin pump. Love the app! Many restaurants not found on other apps.

    • Jon Westfall

      Thanks Jenny, I’m actively working on this and hope to bring it out in a future version.

    • linnell

      Jon im a pumper so what number to you use pump has grams so do you use carbs to base insulin

    • linnell

      Jenny when using this app what number do you use to determine your insulin usage.

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