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Sometimes others contribute awesome things to the Internet (I’m coming to grips with this…). When I find these interesting gems, I throw them on the little sister of JonWestfall.Com – Shared By Jon.

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Haven’t been there before? Well last week you missed some Useful Life Hacks, The Enigma machine’s cousin, a deep thought I had on Hindsight Bias, and the unfortunate truth that you’re more likely to be hurt by a toilet twice this year than win a sweepstakes. And other stuff.

What’s coming up this week? Well here are a few hints:

  • Did you know that before we ever got freaked by texting or putting on make up in cars, we were all flustered about something we now take for granted? Yep, driving would be completely different if we’d banned this practice.
  • On Wednesday I’m going to point you toward instructions on how to fake being a genius. By Friday you should all be getting raises and rewarding me handsomely.
  • I’m going to help you get rid of your Unsolved Mysteries addiction by pointing out the solutions to some.
  • Thinking of becoming a receptionist at a brothel? Find out about this exciting opportunity on Wednesday.
  • Programmers will love a new resource I found that will cut your coding time a bit. It’s on Friday, just in time for a weekend project.

So there you have it – a preview of the week ahead at SBJ. Want to help contribute? Ask me a question over there, or just follow me.


Ladies, If Your Man Doesn’t Want Sex, Just Drug and/or Rape Him

A few months ago I posted about finding a forum post (Which I’ll link to if you want to read the entire thread) which majorly creeped me out. Long story short: Woman’s husband doesn’t have a very active sex drive (or maybe just motivation to have sex with her). She asks for advice. Amid some semi-useful stuff comes the suggestion to… well… rape him.

Screen Shot 2012-08-17 at 8.39.23 AM

Tonight I was posting a comment on Facebook and thought of this post, so I went back to the forum, and I found another piece of advice.

Screen Shot 2013-01-16 at 10.09.41 PM


So if you’re not willing to rape him, you could just drug and frustrate him. Probably not going to get you a rape conviction, but it is probably good enough for domestic abuse.

Now I’m not going to pretend that this is the only double standard in the world, but honestly, if you switch this entire conversation around, it’s really really disturbing. (Of course there are some that still aren’t sure what rights people should have to consent, especially if they dress a bit too sexy – just ask many of my Indian friends who are concerned about this issue in their country).

Others have caught on to this creepiness, of course few in the forum actually admit they’re advocating illegal behavior or take such concerns seriously. Heck, one woman admits to the ‘cuddle’ trick:

Screen Shot 2013-01-16 at 10.26.09 PMIf I were “The bf” I wouldn’t go into the bedroom ever again. I’d also stop accepting prepared food, and find someone a bit less inclined to joke about raping me.



Batman’s USB Drive

While fixing computers isn’t my regular gig these days, I still like to be ready if someone asks me to look at their system. In my bag I keep 4 USB drives. 2 contain portable apps if I find myself needing to use a “Guest” computer (i.e. a friend’s). One has Windows apps, the other has Mac equivalents. The third drive is a 64 Gig drive that I use for temporarily moving files around, and the 4th is a lowly 16 GB. But that 16 GB is what Batman would carry.

The 16 GB drive is my secret computer-fixing weapon. First off, it is loaded with commonly used ISO images that would otherwise be on their own USB drive. Thanks to a great little utility named YUMI, I can load as many ISO images on to that drive as I like (and have space) and have a nice menu pop up to let me select which ISO I want to actually boot.


And what ISOs do I keep on there?

  • The Windows 7 ISO image 
  • A Windows XP ISO image
  • The System Rescue CD
  • Linux ISOs for the OS’es I might have to support
  • BackTrack
  • The VMWare Cold Clone ISO (A bit dated, but never know when I’ll need to virtualize a physical machine)

One could also keep speciality ISO images on there if they needed. Batman’s USB drive eliminated my need for carrying a bunch of specially burned CDs and DVDs, and perhaps now you can make your own and clear out space too!

Jon Rants About eBay Feedback

I’ve been on eBay for over 10 years, so forgive me if I rant like an old man here…

I received an email today from the seller of an item I recently won on eBay. It read…

Hey I saw the stylus was delivered today so I thought I’d see if you wanted to exchange positive feedback? I’m new so I could definitely use it, thanks =)

Equal sign smiley face aside, cranky old man Jon read this as…

Hey – you got the item. Leave me feedback before I’ll leave it for you.

Now call me crazy, but as soon as I pay for the item, I believe the seller should leave me feedback. I mean, I fulfilled my end of the agreement – I paid you money. I don’t have to do another damn thing to be considered a “good” buyer. This is especially true now that eBay only allows sellers to leave positive feedback.

When I get the item, and it looks good and I’m happy, I’ll leave you feedback because it’s what is expected. Now if you want to drop me an email a few weeks later and say “Hey, I hope you’re happy with the item. I left feedback for you earlier, and if you have the time, I’d appreciate it if you could leave some for me”, that’s fine. But don’t make it sound like a hostage swap – the buyer’s responsibility ends at payment. That is when feedback should be left!

A Victory for Paper

Just as I change bags often (i.e. the bag I just posted on last month is now on break for another bag), I also alternate between note taking methods ranging from full paper (Moleskine notebooks that I then scan into Evernote – and these are pre-Evernote-version Moleskines, although I have one of the new Evernote Moleskines to try) to augmented paper (i.e. a Livescribe Echo and more recently Sky pen) to full digital (Noteshelf on iPad). With the addition of the Sky pen for Christmas, I’ve gone back to paper this last week, and surprisingly I found something paper is better at.

Photo on 1-9-13 at 7.46 AM
LiveScribe Lined Journal + Sky Smartpen

Normally at the start of a semester my class rosters are all over the place. Students add, they drop, they change sections, etc… I usually resorted to looking at the list online and thinking “OK, who’s not here… who added… ???”. This week I actually took the time to write out each roster in my notebook (figuring that it would make roll quicker and would give me a chance to start learning names – with 56 names to write, it didn’t take too long). An additional unexpected benefit was that it’s now really easy to track changes. Cross out a name, add it in with a note, etc… Somehow I don’t see myself able to do this as easily in Noteshelf or Excel.

That being said, I have a Pengo Brushpen coming in the mail to try with Noteshelf & Sketchpad, so we’ll see if the paper notebook survives the next few weeks or if it goes out of rotation (Of course as with all my gadgets, it will rotate back in at some point, I’m sure!).