Monthly Archives: May 2012

Five minutes ago was a simpler time One where I did not worry as much Then life changed to frantic from sublime Forcing decisions made in a clutch Five minutes doesn’t seem sufficient To turn one’s life upside down However fate appears very proficient It laughs as it knocks you […]

#94 A Simpler Time

“Tag it man – hurry up!” Javier stood there, staring at the wall. It was freshly painted, gleaming in a light grey. “I will – I just want to make sure it’s perfect” “Dude – it’s your tag – you’ve sprayed it a dozen times – just spray it again […]

#93 White Wall

“We’ve got an emergency sir!”, cried the CE. “Report!”, came back the reply from the SCE. “The tap has run dry!”, said his subordinate. “Nonsense – in all my 29 years as Senior Creative Engineer I’ve never seen the tap run dry!”, said the SCE indignantly. “Come see for yourself, […]

#91 The Inspiration Tap