Monthly Archives: March 2012

Pete woke up to a flash of light entering his bedroom. The sun appeared to arrive instantly, blazingly bright. With a quick yawn, he stood on both feet and wandered over to a mirror. He looked like an absolute mess, and it was during his grooming ritual that he noticed […]

#49 Pete’s Breakfast

The lake rolls by, it’s water holding the experiences of its embraced. The child who learned to swim by paddling to her mother. The teenager who learned about love and lust on the sandy beach. The group of good buddies who talked about life’s conquests while launching the jet skis. […]

#46 The Lake

It’s spring break here at Columbia, and that means our normal “information” board outside my office has no real information to display (i.e. nothing is going on). I was going to post this as a humorous ‘disinformation’ board, however it got me thinking. It’s displaying the time & date (which […]

On Information or Lack Thereof