Microsoft and LG Sign Mobile Collaboration Pact…E4A211720081103

“Microsoft Corp. and South Korea’s LG Electronics Inc on Monday said they had signed a preliminary agreement on strategic collaboration in mobile technology. “The agreement ensures continued strategic collaboration in R&D, marketing, applications, and services in the field of converged mobile devices,” LG said in a statement.”

flickr: Orin Optiglot

So Koo was like “Hey Steve, Lets Collaborate” and Steve was like “OK”. Seriously, it’s never bad to see agreements like this, as they hopefully mean more market saturation for Windows Mobile and, in turn, cooler devices for us. But really, when was the last time you saw something directly come of these agreements? Too bad the announcement is public but the results rarely traced back to it.

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Elecont Releases Phone Dialer for Windows Mobile

“Elecont Dialer allows users to organize phone contacts directly on Home/Today screen. Contacts can be easily accessed by touching it with finger or stylus or selecting it by joystick. Elecont Dialer shows contacts in multiple layouts, optimized for different screen sizes. Most interesting feature is display mode with touch-controlled sliding effect, which takes only 1 line of Today screen. It saves screen space for other plugins.”

Looking to spruce up your phone dialing? Well Elecont has an offering that just may do so, if you’re interested.

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