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“The HTC Touch Pro is undeniably one of the hottest PDA phones of 2008. And in the US, just as with the HTC Touch Diamond, Sprint customers get to sample it first. Previously available only as a GSM import with no US 3G, the Sprint version is the first carrier-branded Touch Pro. Rumor has it that AT&T will launch their version soon as the Fuze, and Verizon will have a version with a slower CPU and less memory (again, these are just rumors as of this writing). What is the Touch Pro? It’s the keyboard-ed version of the Diamond, and it’s light years ahead of the Mogul on Sprint or the Tilt on AT&T. It’s smaller, more modern looking, has a flush VGA touch screen display and all the bells and whistles you’d expect on a flagship smartphone. Specs include Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional, a 528MHz CPU, 288 megs of RAM and 512 megs of flash storage, an SDHC microSD card slot, GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth and a 3.2 megapixel camera. For messaging and content creation types, the most salient feature is the Touch Pro’s slide–out QWERTY keyboard.”

The Touch Pro is getting quite a lot of attention as of late. With the review quoted above and another at 4WinMobile, it is interesting to see it getting some very high marks from reviewers around the world. I’m certainly interested in it as well as the Omnia – what about you?

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