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THIRTY-NINE QUESTIONS FOR CHARLIE DANIELS UPON HEARING “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” for the First Time in 25 Years. One wonders about the origins of songs, the meaning of songs, the inspiration behind songs. But one rarely wonders about the literal meaning of a song. Here’s a list that […]

Demonic Arbitration Boards Product Category: ClothingManufacturer: SCOTTEVESTWhere to Buy: SeV StorePrice: $340 USD ($250 for Quantum Jacket; $140 for Fleece 5.0)System Requirements: Body ranging from XS to XXXL SizesSpecifications: 52 pockets, cable management through channels / pocket passthroughs, removable hood (Quantum Jacket), removable sleeves (Fleece 5.0), various specially designed features such as […]

Scott Jordan Signature System: How Geek Can Meet Chic…arely-detailed/ “Sure enough, the ASUS-built O2 Xda Zest is more than just a figment of someone’s imagination, though speaking of imaginations, we simply can’t hear this phone’s name without thinking about the soap. Sorry, just can’t do it. All that aside, the handset has finally made its way onto the […]

O2 Zest Officially Launched, But Not In Your Hands Until ...…nboxed-at-last/ “Wow, that was one hell of a wait, wasn’t it? Some eight months after its February announcement, X1s are finally available for sale in some parts of the world — and naturally, any retail availability comes with the distinct possibility of a properly-documented unboxing. The packing materials don’t look […]

Sony Ericcson Xperia Finally For Sale