Stupid News Executive Alert

TV Executive Arrested At Logan Now In Treatment
BOSTON (WBZ) WHDH Channel 7 announced Thursday that general manager Randi Goldklank is now undergoing medical treatment after an allegedly drunken tirade Sunday night that ended with her arrest at Logan Airport. “The unfortunate events of last Sunday night were unanticipated and Ms. Goldklank is deeply regretful,” said Ed Ansin, president of Sunbeam Television Corp. in a prepared statement. Mike Carson, the station’s previous general manager will take over on a temporary basis while Goldklank remains on administrative leave. According to a State Police report, Goldklank, 40, of Boston, threatened to put a trooper on TV and ruin his life, after screaming and creating a disturbance at the gate of her incoming flight Sunday night. According to the police report obtained by WBZ, “She began flailing her arms and stated ‘leave me alone, do you know who the (expletive) I am? I’ll have a news crew down here in minutes and you will lose your (expletive) jobs you (expletive).”
I can just see the new reality series: News Station Managers Gone Wild… Pretty funny how the mighty can fall, yet still feel mighty, under the presence of alcohol.

Steve Ballmer Rocks

Ballmer’s keynote was pretty awesome. True showman and interesting man. Now he’s also the proud owner of a Canada jersey, a cape, and a Simpsons tie from a creepy guy.

Too Tired!

Today was an interesting day. We had a near revolt that almost turned ugly in the last Windows Mobile session on MS Campus (Sorry, NDA probably covers why… suffice it to say your MVPs are sticking up for you (Look at me talking all old-hat, less than a month…:) )). Anyway, tonight was the party at the Experience Music Project (EMP, . Karaoke that was really cool (With a live band and rock and roll effects, guitar hero / rockband, and more). I spent around 2 hours there then hopped the bus back early – I need some sleep (Which explains why there are no pics from today. Perhaps more tomorrow!).
Night Everyone!

Being A Stats Person Complicates Your Life.

I’m sitting here looking at a confidential Microsoft slide (or else I’d post it) that made me wonder. It’s a very nice bar graph that breaks down by types of individuals, however the problem is that most of these “types” are only 30 – 40 points away from each other (Means), on a scale of 500 as a max index. Now I highly doubt that there is any significant difference between these groups which really renders the type of individual as useless chartjunk (but it seems to look cool). Someone did offer the fact that within each group the people don’t look that different when I pressed the significance issue – which makes me wonder: Why break them out if there are no differences!!! Grrr…
Now I’m looking at an anecdotal quote… great. Gotta get these people into my research methods class!

The Thinkers

At Dinner tonight we took the official “Thoughts” picture from this year’s MVP summit. So from left to right, Mike Temporale, Jason Dunn, Ed Hansberry, and yours truly. The day was interesting, and thankfully there was no tofu at dinner tonight…

Summit Day 2 – Big News, Can’t Tell Ya!

Heading to MS Campus!

Well, I’ve been sitting in some very interesting sessions today. Can’t tell you anything about what I’ve seen. But here are some nice pictures of a table full of devices, MVPs swarming around said table, and Microgrub!

Tofu?!?!? Wasn’t that bad… the salmon was good.

Getting Ready for Day 2

Sitting in a room at Microsoft, with a bunch of other Windows Mobile geeks. Imagine this sight: long tables with extremely long power strips in front. Everone has a laptop, Everyone has multiple windows mobile devices. And Everyone is normal… 🙂