‘Your daddy’ comment leads to parking lot attack – Northwest Florida Daily News

“The suspect told the deputy that he is “very temperamental” about his dad, who is in prison. He added that when he heard the victim say the words, “your daddy,” on the cell phone, it upset him. He told the deputy that he’d punched the victim several times and was “not at all sorry that he did it,” even after the deputy reminded him the other man had not been talking about him or his father at all.”
OK, perhaps I should resurrect Stupid People Alerts in the coming year…

Getting More Sleep

I sleep with a wife to the left of me, a laptop to the right of me. And I have a bad habit – when Outlook “Dings” saying I have new mail at 1 AM, I like to look at my pocket PC (also to the right of me) and see what it is. It’s sick, I know, but it’s indicative of my overall connectedness.
Anyway, my solution to this for many years has been to simply mute the laptop, however I don’t always remember to do that (Come to think of it, I don’t always remember to do a lot of mundane things like that…). Today I set up a solution I used to have on my Compaq before I re-imaged it a few months back, a wonderful freeware command-line app named NirCmd (http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/nircmd.html). With a simple scheduled task I now have my computer auto-mute itself around midnight. Automation is a wonderful thing.
NirCmd has a plethora of switches to it, so if you’re looking for a multipurpose freeware do-it-all command, check it out – it just might have what you need.

Server & Domain Isolation Demo – Neat Stuff

OK, this is probably only neat stuff for me, but I’m a geek, so I have license…
Ben Armstrong (a.k.a. the Virtual PC Guy) posted a link a few weeks ago to a pretty awesome Server & Domain Isolation Demo that shows off the power of IPSec and some neat things you can do with Group Policies to keep the unwanted out of computers they shouldn’t be in without having to mess with share permissions or the like on those actual computers. It’s a godsend in a Domain environment, and while I don’t work in one too often, I recognize that it would reduce my administrative overhead substantially if I were to start managing a domain tomorrow (Don’t laugh, one day in 2003 I wasn’t managing a webserver infrastructure, the next day I was…)
Anyway, if you’re bored, have a reasonably fast computer to run 5 VMs at the same time, and want to play around with a neat lab, go download the demo. It’s only 256 MB.

This is just to let…

This is just to let my friends know about the service that is called Jott is interesting. It lets you take your voice make an e-mail.
Powered by jott.com

Mini Review: Fly Fusion: Great Adult Time Waster

I purchased a Fly Fusion today at Target using some Birthday money that I had. My goal wasn’t to do my Algebra homework (Wish I would have had this 10 years ago…), it was to try to keep my notes organized. Simply put, I am horrible with written notes. I take ’em, and lose ’em. I hoped with this thing, I could take them, upload them, and file them in OneNote, which works very well (I can print my handwritten notes to OneNote using the Fly software). Here’s my first doodle. Fly detected it as saying “Lets see how well it recognizes my mutiny”. Which is better than the nonsense OneNote thought I wrote…

Overall not a bad little device for under $100. Judie at Gear Diary wrote up a nice piece on it, and I agree with what she writes. I purchased the Music Studio pro and now think I’ll have endless time-wasting with that as well as with the writing and doodling I can now do.