Device Change Again!

OK, this may be a new record. 24 hours using the Dash! But I have a good excuse – it was in a soft-reset loop…. now how did that happen?

Well, this afternoon I was a busy beaver loading up a bunch of software on Dashy because I wanted This Today Screen. And ya know what? I got it. It ran pretty good, but was a bit of a memory hog. No worries, it was soft resetting alright, and I wasn’t too concerned.

Then tonight I figured I’d drag out my Think Outside Stowaway Keyboard & Mouse and make sure they still worked. I loaded up the Smartphone drivers on Dashy and BOOM – soft reset loop 🙁

I’m not going to point fingers or blame anyone here – I’m pretty sure I’m to blame for overloading it. Still, I’m a bit miffed (Well, a lot miffed considering how the Indians are doing right now) that all my hard work paid off like this… GRR.

But on the upside, the device will be ‘fresh’ the next time I use it (It’s finishing up it’s cool reboot now). Now let’s see, what device should I choose next? I think we’ll try Mr. Treo. He has a fresh WM 6 installation on him (Flashed the official upgrade right before it went into storage last time). Maybe I’ll have better / longer luck.

Ubuntu 7.10 Taking FOREVER…

Arcane Code has a nice write-up about installing Ubuntu 7.10 in Virtual PC. He’s right about one thing (among many others..) – it take FOREVER to install. Not Forever in the sense of 1990 386-processor forever, but forever in the sense of 2007 dual core with 2 GB of Memory FOREVER… it’s been 10 minutes already, probably around 15 more. Way too long

Device Change!

OK, I do this often enough that I figured I’d start blogging about it more so I can see just HOW often I do it, and my reasoning.

Since I received it in early September (The 7th I believe), I’ve been using the awesome HTC TyTN II. Tonight I decided to put it to rest for a bit and switch to the T-Mobile Dash! The TyTN II therefore logs 42 days & 7 hours or so of work.

Why the switch, well for a few reasons

  • The TyTN II’s initial ROM is a bit buggy, and no patches have been released yet. Once one is released, the TyTN II will most likely come back out for a bit.
  • In my daily life, The Dash is actually a bit easier to carry (lighter) and use if I’m not doing anything too complex. I’m pretty sure before I head off to Long Beach next month for JDM that I’ll switch back to a touchscreen device!
  • I am a gadget Junkie and own several Windows Mobile devices for a reason – so I can switch!!! So switching doesn’t always need a big reason.

So Dashy gets back in business for at least a few weeks probably, or maybe a few months, or maybe a few days – who knows. It was a tough call between the Dash and the Treo 750v. Perhaps the Treo will get some love before the end of the year. Oh, and for sure the JasJAR will make an appearance when JDM rolls around for gaming on the plane and composing emails on the go.

Manny Being Manny

Red Sox being Red Sox not enough in October
Red Sox being Red Sox not enough in October

He was proud. He was pleased. He was a peacock. He was behind 7-3. He and his Boston Red Sox were still well on their way to a 3-1 American League championship series deficit to the Indians….Celebrating and taunting a solo shot to bring your team within four? This is what they call “Manny being Manny.” There was a reasonable chance he didn’t even know the score or situation when he hit it.
I’m not down on Manny in this post – I think he’s been an excellent player and enjoy a bit of flair (a term the announcers applied, not me in my office-space mind). However it was quite odd to see him admire a home run that, in the end, didn’t mean anything.
Game 5 should be interesting…

Is my cat a Red Sox Fan?

She never comes out for Indians games, wasn’t out for ALDS, and IS out for game 2 of the ALCS. Maybe she is a Bosox fan. I can live with that for 2 reasons:
1. Someone in this house will be happy after the ALCS ends.
2. She hates the Yankees too…

Jesus Would Not Be Pleased

For the past few weeks, I’ve been receiving a few faxes here and there that are intended for a mortgage company. Best I can figure, someone gave out the wrong number or transposed something and boom – my fax line got put on a bunch of things it probably shouldn’t have. Today was the real kicker – a 36 page fax message! Thankfully the sender put their cell phone number and email on the top of their cover sheet (Most have been cover-sheet-less… ugh…), and I was able to call them and alert them that they sent me the wrong 36 page $101,000 loan application. I’m sure Jesus Martinez, the loan applicant whose social security number, address, and other vital information was accidentally faxed to me, will be happy to know that I’m not an identity thief.

For what it’s worth, when I called the person and told them, I said “You just faxed me a 36 page fax awhile ago by accident”. Their response? “Oh God…”