Setting Up Brick Level Backup On Exchange 2007 With ExMerge

Way back in January I attended Microsoft’s Exchange 2007 / Vista / Office 2007 launch event in Cleveland. I sat there with one of my fellow Bug Jr. Executives and marvelled at how PowerShell would change the way we managed our Exchange box. exmerge-splash-computerEagerly, I then Installed Exchange 2007 on our primary mail server back in May, and found out that PowerShell, despite it’s wonderful abilities, was a royal pain to work with for the un-initiated. Sure, I’d used command-line tools before (Heck, I run a linux box for fun, with just Webmin to help me manage it), but I was not ready for PowerShell’s glorious take-over of some very simple Exchange administration tasks!

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The Best Robot Chicken Sketches… Ever

OK, so maybe this is just in my opinion, but the list below are absolutely the best robot chicken sketches ever. Thank you Adult Swim for posting these gems online! I’m sure there are some I’ve missed, but at an initial glance, these are my favs!



Why It’s Great


An Empire To Run

What isn’t there to like about this clip? It’s what every science fiction fan prays would happen!


Dance Your Cares Away

Karey didn’t get this one at first, until I explained where it came from. Just a great piece of imagination – and who liked that old guy anyway?


Alien Front Line

“There goes Gene in his UFO again… big help he is”


Villain Car Pool

“Note to self: Blow up Fancher Elementary School!”


Tivo Ruins Lives

Just reminds me way too much about T & H!


Lil’ Hitler 1
2 and 3

“Lil’ Hitler, where’s lil’ Polaski?”


No Power

“It makes me very very proud to speak the following sentence… I’m the only one who brought a gun”


Benny Jubilee

As a fan of british comedy, this just rocks.


Pokeball High Life

I knew Pikachu was a partier


Hogan’s Heros

Man, wouldn’t it have been interesting if this the way the TV show actually was…


Sesame Street Quarentine

1 vaccine… 2 vaccines..


Jedi in Chief

Tacos Rule


Not Fully Operational Battle Station

“Look Mr. Saltine… I don’t tell you how to threaten your blond kids”


Lord Of The Dance

No explanation Needed.