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People have been asking me for gift ideas for my birthday and christmas. So if you’re one of them, check out the following gift lists: Amazon Or ThinkGeek Or (If you REALLY like me) This ultra cool item Thanks to everyone who cares about getting me a gift! If you’re […]

Gift Ideas

A certain friend of mine who is obsessed with David Caruso just emailed me this. Truthfully she emailed me the original photo a few weeks back to “Santa-fy”, I just wasn’t quick enough. Her version is better than mine could be though! Merry Christmas!

Santa Caruso

Ok everyone, Karey & I have finally gotten around to getting wedding photos ready to be posted and (somewhat) posted. Our original negative scanner died, so we bought a new one, and this afternoon I’ve started the scanning that Karey will hopefully help out with over the next few weeks […]

Wedding Photos!