Long Time No Entry

This month has been pretty busy, hence my journal posts have suffered. Last time I posted I was in pittsburgh. We got back up here and I spent the next 3 days after it running around like crazy (Between UT and other points of interest). The semester started this week at UT, so I’ve been working on… well… work for classes and such, and contemplating motivating myself to work on my thesis and other projects!

Life Update

Hey Everyone,
I know my journal has been a bit scarce lately, and that’s because of the wedding and the unexpected trips to the Halle building to do server maintenance / fixing / installing. It’s also because of this weekend’s unexpected trip down to PA! Anyway, Karey & I are doing good, we’re glad that things are settling down and that we’ll be back into a routine soon.  And we’re happy if you were interested in what we’re up to!
Catch Ya’ll Later