Monthly Archives: June 2006

The fine folks over at Ilium Software have put together, a site that will generate passwords for you.  Generated passwords don’t suffer from the kind of interference that us humans provide to normal password generation (namely, we like passwords that we easily remember – too easily – such as […]


Artichokes are one of my favorite foods, however I find that many people are downright scared by the things when they see them in the grocery store.  After all, they do look like a strange green vegetable that you’d probably never want to eat.  Recently, artichoke dips have become very […]

Awesome Artichokes!

OK, K & I were down in PA this last weekend for a party, which was great. We came home last night, and I hit the hay around 2. Got woken up at 3 because it was a thunder storm and K really hates those. Got back to sleep around […]

Strange Dreams