Monthly Archives: May 2006

Ok, I don’t often ask for comments, but this time I thought it would be fun. Post a comment to this entry with your favorite OMG Moment. What is an OMG Moment you ask? Read on: OMG stands for “Oh My God” (If you don’t believe in God, make it […]

Favorite OMG Moment

Well, I did the Lawn Wars thing today, 7 1/4 bags of grass after the heavy rains this week.  The day actually turned out pretty good after being dreary this morning. This week Karey & I went to Clippers Seafood up on Rt. 53.  They have a big seafood buffet […]

Lawn Wars 7 & URGE

I’ve decided for a limited time only to bring one of my favorite photo albums back out of storage and place online.  Fun With The Head details Tony, Holly, & My attempts to place the jamaican head that lives in my back patio around the house in various interesting poses.  […]

Fun With The Head