Massive Cooling Required

Was at the Halle Building Co-Lo DC yesterday with Paul and noticed these heavily modified server lockers. Apparently they are running some massively large data store of SCSI hard drives. The vents on the front took in the 65 degree DC air and the 10 fans per case on the back pumped out air that was approximately 80 degrees! Quite a sight – makes me glad I don’t admin those ๐Ÿ˜‰

Oh, and Jon’s Tech Advice from yesterday? If you plug in a USB HD and it gives you a BSOD, try it on another machine before wasting 2 hours troubleshooting the machine. We had one defective external HD housing yesterday give us a 2 hour run-around (mostly because we were skeptical of the box it was crashing in the first place). On the plus side, the flash of the BIOS we did during the 2 hours now gives me a functioning BIOS on that box.

Lawn Wars #4

Well, today was 3 very full bags.  I know if I didn’t cut it today though, it would grow exponentially to 80 bags next week.  Grr…

Scarier Movie

Well, K & I just returned from seeing Scary Movie 4 and having dinner out.  Scary Movie 4 wasn’t really that great, but it was funny in some parts.  I was a bit undersatisfied, but hey, I guess that’s life ๐Ÿ˜‰  Now we’re getting ready to watch the finale for The Next Food Network Star (at 9 on.. you guessed it, the food network)!

Lawn Wars #3

(This was actually written on Sunday, but backdated accordingly)
Waged Lawn Wars 3 this morning against the grass which took 6 bags but that’s mostly because it started clumping since it was still damp.  The weather for sunday said rain, and if that comes true, waiting till sunday would have been a very bad idea since the next time I have to actually cut would be Wednesday morning!  Anyway, T & H came up and we had a pretty good day just hanging out and enjoying the wonderful weather!

It’s Amazing!

Today I went to Sears Auto to get a flat fixed as a slow leak caused my full tire to be flat this evening when I left UT.  I had just bought the tire about 4 months ago from Sears, so I figured my roadhazard warrenty from Michelin would kick in, and it did (Total cost was $11.74 for a new tire).  The amazing part of the trip was that I walked into the place at 7:30 (30 minutes before closing) and told them I needed a tire.  They told me it would be 1 1/2 hours before they could put it on.  Since I was hungry (So was Karey) and needed a frickin’ tire, I said “Sure, we’ll just go eat dinner and come back when it’s done”.  The guy looked a bit unnerved and asked me for a cell number, which I gave.  20 minutes later I get a call while eating at Ponderosa (Conviently located at the south end of Sears’ parking lot) that my car will be done in 15 minutes.  So 1 1/2 hours turned into 35 minutes once I took them up on the offer.  They weren’t too happy that I made them stay an extra 15 minutes past closing so I could finish
my dinner either.
So should I be annoyed that they lied to me about the time it would take in hopes that I’d leave them alone 30 minutes before close?
Now it’s on to 2 or so hours of work tonight…. oh joy!

Stupid People Alert – Ducks To You

Ducks to be Banned from Village Duck Pond
“DUCKS have been banned from a village duck pond. The 16 ducks have been branded pests after killing off other wildlife in the pond.They have been allowed to stay to rear their chicks this spring, but will then be rounded up and “relocated”.But villagers claim the ducks are a local attraction and children love to go to the pond every day to throw them bread.Andrew Wigley-Jones, 37, said, “My three-year-old daughter Sophie loves going to see the ducks. They are part of the character of the village and they bring the community together.”
Anyone else find it odd that ducks aren’t allowed in a duck pond?

Happy Birthday Heather

My newest addition to my Friends list, , lists her birthday as 4/19, which happens to be tomorrow.  If I’m not mistaken, this would be ‘s 23rd anniversary of the date of her birth.  So Happy Birthday , if you’re reading this.
BTW, for anyone interested at UT, Grad Assistantships for Summer have been put in and we should all be registering for classes ASAP in order to avoid any late fees that may be assessed next week.  Greg Meyer is offering a class on scale construction which I hear is supposed to be good, and Dr. R Heffner will be offering Behavioral Neuroscience, which I took last year, and had a lot of enjoyable times in (Esp. since its an online course).


“C is for cookie, it’s good enough for me; oh cookie cookie cookie starts with C.”
Karey graciously made me cookies as per my request on the ride home ๐Ÿ™‚