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Was at the Halle Building Co-Lo DC yesterday with Paul and noticed these heavily modified server lockers. Apparently they are running some massively large data store of SCSI hard drives. The vents on the front took in the 65 degree DC air and the 10 fans per case on the […]

Massive Cooling Required

Well, K & I just returned from seeing Scary Movie 4 and having dinner out.  Scary Movie 4 wasn’t really that great, but it was funny in some parts.  I was a bit undersatisfied, but hey, I guess that’s life 😉  Now we’re getting ready to watch the finale for […]

Scarier Movie

(This was actually written on Sunday, but backdated accordingly) Waged Lawn Wars 3 this morning against the grass which took 6 bags but that’s mostly because it started clumping since it was still damp.  The weather for sunday said rain, and if that comes true, waiting till sunday would have been a […]

Lawn Wars #3

Today I went to Sears Auto to get a flat fixed as a slow leak caused my full tire to be flat this evening when I left UT.  I had just bought the tire about 4 months ago from Sears, so I figured my roadhazard warrenty from Michelin would kick […]

It’s Amazing!

My newest addition to my Friends list, , lists her birthday as 4/19, which happens to be tomorrow.  If I’m not mistaken, this would be ‘s 23rd anniversary of the date of her birth.  So Happy Birthday , if you’re reading this. BTW, for anyone interested at UT, Grad Assistantships […]

Happy Birthday Heather