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“Perhaps all statements of informed consent in clinical research should carry this message: WARNING-PARTICIPATION IN THIS TREATMENT COULD BE DANGEROUS TO YOUR HEALTH. YOU WILL BE TREATED BY PEOPLE WHO CARE MORE ABOUT GETTING RELIABLE DATA THAN ABOUT YOUR WELFARE” -Scientific Literacy and the Myth of the Scientific Method (Henry […]

2 new links have been added to the Ultimate Link Listing, but I’ll let you have them here for free 1. – Great bunches of not-very-useful but very cool mods and hacks! 2. – Great for those of us who have to work with customers in the IT […]

New Links Added

This is from, a post on PPCT about the new SD card standards. See if you agree with me regarding DRM’ed materials: “My argument is that I suspect, for many, 2 GB is either more than enough or WAY too small. As their original specs stated they intended to […]

DRM – it isn’t worth it!

Just as a follow-up to last night’s post. It really sucks that the news was wrong (big suprise given last night’s “how long is the mine shaft” mistakes) and jumped to tell everyone the good news when, in fact, the news reversed by the end of the night. It amazes […]


Just watching fox news as they report on the mining accident in west v.a. – apparently the 2 mile mine shaft ranges from 200 to 11000 miles (fox mistake vs. Msnbc mistake) and there was a jury foreman on the mining crew (vs the correct ‘mine’ foreman) Guess I’m tired […]