Gift Ideas

People have been asking me for gift ideas for my birthday and christmas. So if you’re one of them, check out the following gift lists:
Or (If you REALLY like me)
This ultra cool item
Thanks to everyone who cares about getting me a gift! If you’re also shopping for my lovely wife, her Amazon Wishlist is also available.

Note: This list is normally hidden, however I bring it out around xmas time over here at LJ. If you’re looking to get me a gift any other time of the year, this info is also on JonWestfall.Org

Pardon The Dust

If you’re viewing this on JonWestfall.Com, you’ll notice a bit of
reconstructing. Hopefully should be settled within the next few days!

Santa Caruso

A certain friend of mine who is obsessed with David Caruso just emailed me this. Truthfully she emailed me the original photo a few weeks back to “Santa-fy”, I just wasn’t quick enough. Her version is better than mine could be though!
Merry Christmas!

That’s how Laptops Should Be Built!

My father-in-law, many years ago now (Before he was technically my father-in-law) gave me a Compaq LTE 486 Laptop that he had bought from his work during a surplus auction. The laptop ran Windows 95, and was a bit of a novelty – being far past it’s prime. I found it charming, though, and have kept it around ever since. Today I went to take it down from the Attic to see if it would power up after 3 years of non-use, and accidentally dropped it. It bounced off the wooden ladder and thudded onto the floor. Upon opening the case, I assessed the damage. The latches had broken off.
That was it.
The latches… the unit powered up just fine, worked just fine, etc…
That’s quality workmanship, unlike laptops today that would shatter into a million pieces if dropped from that height. Why can’t we build ’em like that anymore???
If you’re wondering, you can pick up your own Compaq LTE 486 for around $25 on ebay ๐Ÿ˜‰

Wedding Photos!

Ok everyone, Karey & I have finally gotten around to getting wedding photos ready to be posted and (somewhat) posted. Our original negative scanner died, so we bought a new one, and this afternoon I’ve started the scanning that Karey will hopefully help out with over the next few weeks or so. The photos are posted over at Fotki. If you buy photos, the portion of the money that goes to us will go into the honeymoon fund!