Paris Hilton: #1 Egotistical Celeb

Mag calls Paris Hilton most egotistical celebrity
I can’t say I disagree with this article that cites Paris Hilton as the #1 Egotistical Celeb. #2 is no suprise either! I’m just sore that my favorite celeb-to-dislike didn’t make the list. I think some of Courtney Love’s antics should put here on the list.
In other news, K & I are just relaxing at home today, heading into P-town tomorrow for some activities. See you guys later!

Stupid People Alert: Able To Leap Tall Buildings…

Superman Hospitalized After Leap
“GRAZ, Austria – A man who claimed he was Superman and could fly was
hospitalized early Tuesday after leaping from a fourth-floor window,
authorities said.Paramedics rushed the 23-year-old man to a hospital in
the city of Graz, about 120 miles south of Vienna, after he jumped from
a window and suffered head and back injuries, police said. They said the
man – who apparently had drunk several bottles of red wine before
attempting the jump – appeared at the window ledge at around 4 a.m. and
shouted: “I am Superman! Nothing can happen to me!”

Looks like something happened to him… The Ground!

Stupid People Alert: Is This Some Kinda Joke, Fred?

News of the Weird & Watercooler – WFMY News 2 Greensboro, NC
“Lincoln, NE — It’s nice to be recognized at a neighborhood business, except when you want to rob the place.Police in Lincoln, Nebraska, report a would-be bandit walked up to a supermarket pharmacy counter and said he wanted the money.Turns out one of the pharmacists recognized the man’s voice and called him by name. Police say the pharmacist asked if the heist was a joke. “
The themesong to Cheers is running through my head. Everybody knows your name… Now imagine Cliff sticking up Sam at the bar with a mask on. Yea… Stupid I know.

Stupid People Alert: Hello Mommy…

Call to mom seals robbery suspect’s fate
“ZAGREB (Reuters) – A phone call to his mother led to the downfall of a suspected German robber, who was arrested in Croatia after fleeing his homeland and eluding police for nearly two weeks. Croatian police said the security guard made off with 7.2 million euros he was supposed to deliver to a German bank and fled to the Adriatic coast — where he had apparently always dreamed of living.”
Mommy? Yea, just letting you know that me & the cash are safe, living the greatest life possible. When am I bringing you over here…uh… you’re breaking up mom… can’t hear you…
I personally doubt calling mom was the stupid thing – not bringing Mom was probably the problem – she probably turned him in!
In any event, phone calls to your former life when you’re a newly minted fugitive are pretty dumb…

World Series Poll

Ok, I don’t like the White Sox.  Maybe i’m the typical baseball fan that holds grudges (This one goes back to Albert Belle in 1996), but there is just something about them I don’t like (Maybe its the Indians ability to choke in every game against them).  So for me, I don’t care if the White Sox might be better or the Astros might be better – I want the White Sox to LOSE (Not the Astros to win, mind you…).Anyway, UPOC sent me a poll today asking who would win, and I’m wondering what my readers (all 2 of them, and my cat) might vote for this question.  So there are three questions here: Who SHOULD win (i.e. who do you think is the most qualified team), Who Do you WANT to win (for whatever reason), and Who WILL win (Who do you think will eventually pull it out).  Feel free to post your thoughts in the comments below!
(Scsi userpic for no real reason on this post!)

Stupid People Alert 10250501

Whites Only
“A “whites only” sign at a barber shop on Moss Street in Lafayette might grab your attention and take you back to the Civil Rights era.
This afternoon, a viewer called our newsroom appalled. We checked it out and found that barber Herbert Leger put the sign up Saturday morning after having to over and over again turn down customers he says he’s not qualified to help. “

So this barber can’t cut a black man’s hair because he’s not qualified. Great. However, this probably wasn’t the best approach to take. SPA for you Lafyayetters!

Stupid People Alert 10240501

“ALBANY — A young ex-convict who was paroled from state prison last year was arrested Friday for a pair of robberies this week in the city’s Pine Hills neighborhood. Patrick Crow, 23, who lives in Country Gardens Apartments in Troy, allegedly admitted using a pellet gun to rob college-age victims. Detectives Tony Ryan and Michael Bennett tracked Crow after he dropped his keys at the scene of a robbery Thursday night, which they were able to match to a car he had been driving, authorities said.”
Wow, criminals have really be making the SPAs lately with this junk – come on guys, write me a check, let me drop my keys here, etc…

Stupid People Alert 10230502

Dead man gets parking ticket
“SYDNEY (Reuters) – Australian authorities have apologized to the family of an elderly man who was given a parking ticket while he lay dead in his car in a suburban shopping center.The 71-year-old man, known to be seriously ill, went missing nine days ago and his body was found in his car in a shopping mall car park in a Melbourne suburb, police said. A parking ticket had been placed on the car the day before his body was found”
Well, I guess you can’t escape parking fines in Australia…