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Mag calls Paris Hilton most egotistical celebrity I can’t say I disagree with this article that cites Paris Hilton as the #1 Egotistical Celeb. #2 is no suprise either! I’m just sore that my favorite celeb-to-dislike didn’t make the list. I think some of Courtney Love’s antics should put here […]

Paris Hilton: #1 Egotistical Celeb

Ok, I don’t like the White Sox.  Maybe i’m the typical baseball fan that holds grudges (This one goes back to Albert Belle in 1996), but there is just something about them I don’t like (Maybe its the Indians ability to choke in every game against them).  So for me, […]

World Series Poll

Whites Only “A “whites only” sign at a barber shop on Moss Street in Lafayette might grab your attention and take you back to the Civil Rights era. This afternoon, a viewer called our newsroom appalled. We checked it out and found that barber Herbert Leger put the sign up […]

Stupid People Alert 10250501

“ALBANY — A young ex-convict who was paroled from state prison last year was arrested Friday for a pair of robberies this week in the city’s Pine Hills neighborhood. Patrick Crow, 23, who lives in Country Gardens Apartments in Troy, allegedly admitted using a pellet gun to rob college-age victims. […]

Stupid People Alert 10240501

Dead man gets parking ticket “SYDNEY (Reuters) – Australian authorities have apologized to the family of an elderly man who was given a parking ticket while he lay dead in his car in a suburban shopping center.The 71-year-old man, known to be seriously ill, went missing nine days ago and […]

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