SPA: Naw, I wasn’t doing that… – NCF – Nebraska’s Callahan denies throat-slash gesture
“OMAHA, Neb. — Nebraska coach Bill Callahan said Monday that he didn’t make a throat-slashing gesture toward an official after Oklahoma scored a touchdown Saturday…Callahan engaged in an animated discussion with referee Steve Usechek after the touchdown. It appeared a holding penalty against Oklahoma went uncalled on the play. Videotape showed Callahan raising his right arm, index finger extended, and making a motion from left to right across his throat.
I don’t think it’s stupid to make the throat-slash gesture, I just think it’s stupid to try to play it off as something that sounds remarkably similar…

Great Quote

“Is that one of those dolls that you put pins in???”
Anonymous Friend upon glancing up at my mother’s nun doll”

SPA: Woman Used Stolen Card in Lottery*
“AP – A woman bought a winning lottery ticket worth $1 million with a stolen credit card and could wind up with nothing if convicted, police said.”
Extraordinary Bad Luck coupled with Extraordinary Stupidity!

Stupid People Alert: LOE: What do you mean I can get an STD from that???

After years of decline, syphilis on rise in Virginia
“Some of these men are involved in relationships with women who are
unaware of their partner’s bisexuality, Mason said. This behavior causes
an increase in infections among men and puts women at greater risk for
contracting the disease, he said. Mason described the case of a man who
lives in Hampton. Officials conducted a confidential interview with him
to discover where his syphilis infection originated and whether other
sexual partners were at risk. The patient was a single man in his 30s
who went to clubs in Washington, D.C., where holes in walls allowed men
to have anonymous intercourse.
“He never saw the people,” Mason

While I’m just as happy as the next person that Syphilis is in it’s
upward cycle, the point of this SPA LOE (The second in as many days) is
what I’ve bolded. Amazing I know, but if you regularly engage in sex
with someone you have never met, you might just have a higher risk of
getting an STD!