Yearly Archives: 2005

Ok, so it’s a bit late – but we were busy as heck yesterday (Yes, I said it, HECK). Karey is still snoozing, and I’m up after waking at 6 to use the bathroom, and on my way back, somehow ending up troubleshooting this RPC over HTTP connection issue I’d […]

Merry Christmas

Sorry for the recent lack of Stupid People Alerts. I’ve been pretty busy with that holiday thing coming up. They will return to ‘often’ status when my life slows a bit 😉 Meanwhile, have a great holiday!

Lack of SPAs

Man, it was a busy few days there, so I’m finally updating my journal to recount what happened this week! Monday was pretty nondescript, just worked on Andy’s paper. Mom & Dad came up and went to Ryans on Sunday, they liked it, and they got to see our xmas […]

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