Why do such fine books get made into the WORST movies?

Ok, so about a month ago, I finished reading “The Mothman Prophecies” by John Keel. It was a very good book, and I was excited to see the movie, as my friends had seen it and remembered it being ok. Let me tell you – the movie SUCKED. It was worse that worst… Hollywood deffinetly picked the ‘juciest’ parts of the book and put an (almost) entirely different plot around it. A big disappointment.
Other books / movies have been like that too. The Lost World (the sequal to Jurassic Park) was pretty horrendous as it tacked on a whole “hollywood-esque” ending of a dinosaur rampaging through a city at the end. About the only decent book -> movie that i’ve seen was Andromeda Strain (The 60’s version ) It was pretty true to the book, only changing the sex of one major character and giving him (now her) epilipsy to make the movie more exciting in the end (the book was pretty damn exciting as was).
So, if you’re so inclined, post a reply to this post with your vote for the worst book -> movie transitions, and also what you think the best book -> movie transition was. Perhaps it will be interesting.

General Notice on Posting

I know I’ve said it in the past, but this time I mean it – I’m really going to start posting more Friends-Only posts, including in them album passwords for Fotki. So if you want to view my pictures at http://pics.jonwestfall.com you’ll have to check out the friends-only post titled “Picture Passwords” (If you have trouble finding it, hit my Calendar link and look for it under this date: 7/26/04.)
Oh, and a longer post to friends-only will be posted today.

Making The Habit

Well, I’ve never really used the lj user link before to refer to my friends, so I figure I’ll start. What better way than to explain my friends / friend of listing?
is my friend Tony. A really interesting and evil person indeed. He keeps saying he’ll post more here, but we’ll see.
is one of my friends from Parma High. We used to hang out a lot in Highschool but had lost contact as of late. I’m still intending to call him and hang out SOMETIME This month or next.
is my mother, plain and simple.
is my girlfriend, although she’s really not into this live journal stuff.
is a friend of my mom’s from Cavies Galore . A lot of strange and interesting people post there, but they’re all a bit TOO into their guinea pigs…
is ‘s sister. I happened to find her on LJ after Tony told me
she had an account here.
So there, I’ve used lj user – happy now?
I’m sitting at the lake w/ Karey across from me. Her friend Frances is still asleep, to the best of my knowledge. Mom & Dad left this morning to head home, and I”m just hoping this overcast day changes to bright n sunny sometime. It seems whenever I have visitors up, the weather sucks.
Doesn’t look like Direcway upgraded me to pro yet, so I may call them and complain. I want FASTER downloads and a static IP!

Finished Killing Pablo

I finished “Killing Pablo” today, and it apparently was good enough to engross Mom as she listened to the last 2 hours with me.

Lunch @ The Olive Garden.

Well, I was at the Olive Garden today and as I was walking in I heard a loud booming voice of Mr. Boddy say “Mr. Jon Westfall”. I had remembered Kyle was working there, but for some reason, didn’t think it was THAT olive garden. Nonetheless, it was good seeing him.
This weekend, Ashley & Will & I will be heading up to the lake ( Karey will, unfortunatly, probably not be able to attend ๐Ÿ™ ). When they leave Saturday night, I’ll stay up as Mom’s friend Melody & her husband Herb will be coming in Sunday & Monday. My lake house is turning into a resort!
Next weekend is Karey & her friend Frances at the lake.
Akron is raising my hourly rate for the fall, so I’ll probably continue teaching A+ on saturdays there. It’ll be fun to only have to teach at UA once a week. Starting this fall, however, I’ll probably begin giving out another email addy to my students, a non-akron one.

You Have My Name

Got an interesting email today from someone with a very good name, Jon Westfall:
I typed my name into my browser just to see what would pop up. Yea i was bored. I was surprised to see your site. I guess its not that wierd to see someone shares your name. What is strange is that I grew up in Akron OH. My step daughter still lives there and is going to Akron U. If you are a teacher you may even be teaching her. Just thought I would drop you a line and share the wierdness.

Jon Westfall
So I guess one of my name-alikes finally caught up with me. I’ve searched for Jon Westfall in browsers for years and found out some interesting things about other Jons, but never contacted them. Its a small world after all….

I didn’t expect to be here right now…

Well, I didn’t expect to be lying in bed right now. Figured I’d be close to Main St. exit on 77, heading down to teach. BUT on the way down pleasant valley road, I got a Yahoo! Mail alert (I have a rule set up to SMS me whenever email from anyone at uakron.edu comes in) telling me that classes were cancelled.
Just hope this power outage doesn’t do what it did last time and follow me home – anyone remember the great blackout of August 2003? Well, I was supposed to teach that night too…

Bought New Fins & Snorkle

Tonight K and I went out to wal-mart and I bought a new U.S. Diver fin & snorkle set for the summer (My past sets are all pretty bad). K was thinking of buying one, but decided to see if I had any salvageable stuff at home to use. When we got home and were looking, I found a set of fins that is pretty damn new in a box that I thought was empty. So I’ll use those and K can use my new ones (their adjustable – on their largest setting they fit my foot, on their smallest, they fit hers). Tomorrow, hopefully, it will be sunny, warm, and calm and we can go play. Gotta get her to be the same caliber swimmer I am!

Back In The Day Kids…

Back in the fun loving yet dangerous 80’s, one of the wonderful things you’d buy to play with you and your family were Yard Darts. Yard Darts, you see, were a cool idea – you simply put 2 targets down, and hurdle pointed steel-tipped darts at these targets. If your friends were lazy and didn’t move, you may just spear one of them! For some unfathomable reason, people thought this ‘toy’ might be a bit dangerous and yanked it from the market. Its that sad fact, coupled with their being amongst the prohibited and restricted items on ebay, that means you probably won’t find them in a store near you. We still have a set though, and had a great time launching them at each other at the lake today. Who needs 2 eyes anyway?
Notice how the adults stand with a target at their feet… and the wonderful warning at the bottom of the box.