Last Night

The graduation party at the Himmels was really quite amazing. Some highlights include:
* Frances drinking 1/2 bottle of Kuluah and turning into “Giggles” for a bit. The buzz was more emotional than alcohol, but fun to watch none the same.
* Sue finding a very inebrieted young man preparing to soil her towels in the misguided attempt to find a bathroom and mistaking a closet for one (Good thing she was there to steer him back to a spot on the floor at 4 AM)
* The local football coach evangelizing some very uninterested people who were either a) from another school, b) graduated, or c) generally disinterested. Screams of “Who are you” (and a reply of “i dunno?”) and then “ARE YOU A BLUE DEVIL????” came from the fire as I cleaned up the tent area. Before this he had launched into a 20 min. lecture of how Burgettstown is “settling” and not pursuing its goal. Sounded too much like a movie script for me.
* Greg tapping a keg for “everyone else” but him. Karey & I know the truth… the scarier thing was that Mark was the one who tapped o
ut the keg at 1 AM. Poor under 21-ers… the ‘adults’ (Some acted it, some didn’t) cleared a lot of alcohol before they could try to grab some.
(Note to law enforcement: Mark & Greg are both himmels, thus allowed to drink! HA – you were too busy with the dave matthew’s concert to even notice the bonanza on lee rd…)
* The aforementioned football coach getting Greg to go with him to pick up some more beer at midnight.
* Greg receiving a new girlfriend from his former employers (Reynold’s tree service) of a most inflated kind. She arrived with dollar bills covering any interesting parts, much to the chagrin of girlfriend Sarah and to the delight of the small children in attendance.
* Frances ‘insisting’ we go out to Robinson so she could pursue a perspective love interest at Wendys. After the water baloon filling mayhem, she just “had” to change into her tank top to go to wendys… draw conclusions as you’d like.
* The aforementioned football coach (again) nearly running over Sue at 5 AM as he attempted (for the second time) to drive home… He finally was able to make it home around 7.
So all in all, a pretty amazing party was thrown. One that will live in history. Sue swears she’s going to offer Scott $2,000 to not have party next year.

bundling up the animals!

I’m laying in Karey’sn bed, waiting for her to take a shower and return. She kept me up an hour longer already, watching a program on Crop Circles (or as scary movie 3 puts it: Cop Cycles). I did a dumb thing today: I drove to Kareys in light rain, on sparse country backroads, at night, alone, listening to the unabridged audio book of “The Mothman Prophecies”. this is not a good night driving book (especially since the events in the book happened within a 20 mile radius of where i was driving.) Guess next time I’ll listen to something less chilling!
This will be posted whenever I next sync AvantGo, so if you read it on Sunday, trust the author that it was written Thursday night!

Haven’t Posted in Days!

Well, I haven’t posted in days, but i decided to post something before I head out today for Karey’s. Greg’s graduation party is saturday, so tomorrow we’ll probably be heading all over pittsburgh getting stuff for her mother. Perhaps we’ll stop at T-Mo and get her switched over. Her phone number will remain the same (so anyone with her 724-777 number will have it still) and she’ll get a new phone / better service.
Well, catch everyone later.

Why are all the Good songs written by weirdos?

A group I’ve recently discovered (I didn’t catch them when they came out because I lacked being born yet) is Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show. Today I was listening to a “best of” album of theirs and a few songs really stuck with me. I had heard “Cover of the Rolling Stone” before, but the songs “Sylvia’s Mother” and “Queen of the Silver Dollar” were really catchy and kept me humming. “Carry me Carrie” and “The Things I didn’t say” were pretty good as well.
So I do a little hunting and what do I find? the first three songs mentioned above were written by Shel Silverstein. I tell ya – playboy cartoonists & children’s book authors can sure create some memorable tunes…

I’m Alive…

Just letting everyone know I made it from Marblehead to Parma to Akron to Parma in one piece today! Tomorrow its the data center for some Paul related maintenance, and out with my lady. As for my mood, certain friends of mine know why it is what it is.

Broadband at the lake

Well, its official now, I’m a hardcore geek. I just had DirecWay installed at my lake house so I will be plugged in no matter what dwelling I am at. It works pretty good so far… and I’ll report more later on it as I use it.
My mom left me a voicemail telling me that she was heading up here around 9:30, so she should get here before T, H, and K leave with me at 2.