Lake Internet Questions

Well, I think I’ve figured out what I’m going to do at the Lake for internet. Direcway is looking pretty good. 15 month commitment, but hell, I’ll be here for atleast 4 years… 😉
Plus, it will be a lot easier to stay in contact with my friends at home and around the country with IMs flowing freely, as well as email. Can’t loose my rep. as being a quick email answerer.
Weekster replied to my comment about Scsi staring me down earlier today. I swear, that pig has a perpetually scared look on its face. I could be bringing it a plate of goodies (ha… like I’d do that… pig’s lucky if she gets a piece of lettuce from me every so often – as an obese person myself, I fell it necessary to prevent guinea pig obesity) or weilding a large axe at that guinea pig and she’d still have the same look on her face… scared. Pixel, on the other hand, just doesn’t give me the time of day (most likely because it lacks a watch… ) anyway, Pixel (or more apt… Megapixel (couldn’t stop obesity from that one)) just gives me these looks like “Who are you and what are you doing near my hou
se?”. Feel like a damn stalker around that pig. Doesn’t help Pixel’s sister has that weird scared look next door. Pixel probably thinks I’m the kind of person who’d break a ming vase over an enemies head for fun (well… so what if its an accurate description?) just by Scuz’s expressions.
Had a strange dream last night about hamsters. I had this hamster sleeping on my stomach as I was sleeping. Lucky thing it was a dream considering i sleep under high-held covers and on my stomach. In real life, that hamster would be suffocated and squished. Karey says its a subconcious desire to have a “new hammy” as she put it. I asked her when she went into dream interpretations. After all, I’m the one with the damn B.A. in psychology. Fat lot of good its doing me in the dream interpretation and guinea pig relations departments.
It did do me a lot of good while noon-aiding on Friday though. I think the other noon-aides mistook my letting the first graders speak their minds to me for inexperience with kids. Truth is, I love it when a first grader shares their thoughts with me. Not just on an academic level (although I could find zillions of things to study first graders for… their encoding and retention is simply amazing!). Kids really do have the most interesting things to say.
I’m laying here listening to Elton John. Sir Elton John mind you – Anyone know
why a person from England would write a song named Philadelphia Freedom? Shouldn’t it be something like “Pinner Freedom” since he was born in that area of Greater London? And the line “From the day that I was born I’ve waved the flag” coming from a guy who’s country favored sticking my country with a bill for a war they started (ok, so we were still colonies in 1764) and then a mere few years later torched our presidential mansion (i.e. 1814 or so…) just sounds ironic to me. Not that I have anything against the British now… after all, without them, I wouldn’t have this language. Besides, I doubt Sir Elton has had many coherent thoughts since “the day” he was born, March 25, 1947.
But I guess a guy who was born with the name Reginald Kenneth Dwight can pretty much say whatever he wants.
Well, that’s about all for me tonight. I suppose I’ll head to sleep soon, maybe I’ll be able to last until Karey gets out of work 😉

Under The Great White Open

Well, Got up to the lake last night around six and cut the grass from 6:30 – 8 (Which is where I got the song lyric for the “Subject Line” above…). Slept in today until 11, and am now contemplating what to do now. Take some photos, go to Wal-Mart, and overall just relax. Mom’s on the phone with Melody (Who may make an appearence this weekend) and I’m getting over having a stare down by Scsi this morning while I was putting on my socks. Weird guinea pigs…

Damn Fifth Grade Punks

In a Move of Shocking Stupidity… a DARE (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) police officer “took a kid to the ground” after he tried to hug her. I don’t really know where the stupidity lies here. The kid was pretty dumb to try to hug a cop, but that aside… the cop was REALLY a bit STUPID to wrestle the kid down to the ground for a simple hug.
Guess they’ll have no shows of affection in that fifth-grade classroom anytime soon…

TGIF (I guess)

Well, Today is Friday (Unless you’re on the otherside of the International Date Line, in which case it could be Saturday, or Tuesday, or some other day…).
Hold On… Phone is Knocking…
Ah, its Dentzler school, and they want me to noon-aide today. Well, that sounds like fun, so I guess I know what I’m doing today from 12-1:30. Ah, something to get me out of the house…
Anyway, my phone may arrive today, which would be nice. Other than that, I’m just kinda chillin like a dark villian. I suppose you want a SPA today, which I may post in a little bit.

2 Stupid People Alerts today!

Karey gave me a stupid people alert today. While working last night she had an order for a medium sprite and a medium lemonade. She gave them out the window and the woman asked “How do I tell which one is which”… Her reply? “Look at the damn things!”. After all, if its yellow, its probably lemonade dumbass! Ever drink clear lemonade before? I think not.
The second SPA today comes via Full Story Here (be sure to read). Anyway, irate woman gets pulled over for no tags, runs off, cop chases her down as she comes out of a deli with gummy worms in hand. As he tries to arrest her, she grabs his balls and then wonders why he ‘roughed her up a bit’ on the way to the police wagon.
At least that’s the cop’s side of things… The woman ” claimed she was driving her niece to school in her newly purchased used Honda, and Kelsey [the cop] stopped and asked Burgess [the ball grabber] if she knew the men across the street.
He the
n threatened to arrest her if she didn’t produce her driver’s license, Burgess testified. ”
And it gets better…”She said he reached into the car and grabbed the car keys, then hopped into the driver’s seat and threatened to take her dog, Baltimore, to the pound if she didn’t get rid of him as he rifled through the car. ”
Anyway you slice it, some deffinite stupidity here. Perphaps the best line of the article?
“Burgess insisted that she never grabbed Kelsey’s genitalia. And she wasn’t holding gummy worms, she said. ”
On other notes, I”m just chillin today with no deffinite plans. Got my RH 9 box up and running, with heyu working nicely on it. I’m still amazed the WLAN card installed so easily. . Just 3 small rpms and the thing was running like a top. Had to hack some config scripts to start networking AFTER pcmcia, but after that, it worked fine.

Nada Mucho Ahora

Well, I’m downloading some ISOs for Red Hat 9 right now, and planning on burnin them today and trying to get that acer laptop runnin x10 control software by tonight (heyu). Somewhere online last night, I found info on the packages I need with RH 9 to get my wlan card working on the laptop. so that will greatly help me in setting it up. Just gotta find those RPMs and put them on floppy or CD.
In other news, all of my friends seem to be MIA perpetually now a days, so I’m just chillin. Perhaps I’ll dig up another SPA for today. The police one from yesterday was pretty good.
Well, Catch ya all later.

Stupid People Alert!!!

I’m Proud of Canadian Highway Police for finding some particularly stupid people in a weekend crackdown last weekend. The story is below in its entirety from
Motorists driven to distraction
Children as ballast, duct-taped windshields — OPP see it all
650 charged in weekend crackdown
None of them should have been in the car.
Waved over by highway police for a baby-seat inspection, the driver of a black Cavalier at first tried to duck in behind a trailer and switch positions.
It turned out the car’s plates and licence sticker were stolen and the driver had no insurance. What’s more, the man and his female passenger had suspended licences, and he was wanted on outstanding warrants ranging from theft to assault. Plus he “wasn’t supposed to be within 100 metres of the female in the car, as the result of an earlier court order,” OPP Sergeant Cam Woolley said.
The car was towed; the woman and her 8-month-old baby were taken to a women’s shelter; the man was arrested.
That was one
of the more interesting stops encountered in the first major highway crackdown of the season, as Ontario Provincial Police concentrated on violators cruising 400-series highways on the long weekend.
At least 650 people were charged and nearly 200 unsafe vehicles were removed from the highways during operation SMART-Trek. More than 480 were nabbed for speeding.
As drivers returned from cottage country last night, officers were shaking their heads over wacky and potentially risky situations they had encountered.
One of the more inventive excuses for speeding came from a 24-year-old claiming he “rarely drove” because he was “nervous on the highway,” Woolley said.
“He was caught doing 150 in a rented Jeep and said he thought if he went fast, he would spend less time on the highway.”
A 27-year-old driver clocked at 138 km/h in a BMW convertible offered a classic, saying he was running out of gas and had to get to a gas station “faster.”
Few matched the disregard for safety shown by a 27-year-old Plymouth Breeze driver who not only failed to put on a seat belt but let four children in the back seat go without as well.
“To make matters worse, the guy’s bucket seat was broken and a 12-year-old in the back seat was holding on to his seat to keep it steady as he drove along Highway 400,” Woolley said. The car was towed, the driver charged with f
ive violations.
A 56-year-old man from Concord won an officers’ straw poll as the worst of the bunch, for “wildly slaloming” in traffic in the rain and fog at 185 km/h. Police received numerous cellphone complaints, but before an officer caught up to him, the Jetta driver crashed sideways into the guardrail, Woolley said. He was charged with dangerous and impaired driving and driving with an open bottle of liquor.
Some of the odder catches:
A woman caught driving 130 km/h told the officer she was rushing home because she was sick. “Moments later, she threw up, and the officer gave her a bottle of water and let her go with a warning,” Woolley said.
A Pontiac Firefly was towed because its windshield was held together with duct tape.

Well, We Got Power…

We got power at about 8:28 PM on Sunday night. Because of this, I had a nice cool sleep last night. Now I’m thinking about how I’m going to get another nice cool night’s sleep tonight, and its wonderful…