Monthly Archives: May 2004

Well, Got up to the lake last night around six and cut the grass from 6:30 – 8 (Which is where I got the song lyric for the “Subject Line” above…). Slept in today until 11, and am now contemplating what to do now. Take some photos, go to Wal-Mart, […]

Under The Great White Open

In a Move of Shocking Stupidity… a DARE (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) police officer “took a kid to the ground” after he tried to hug her. I don’t really know where the stupidity lies here. The kid was pretty dumb to try to hug a cop, but that aside… the […]

Damn Fifth Grade Punks

Well, Today is Friday (Unless you’re on the otherside of the International Date Line, in which case it could be Saturday, or Tuesday, or some other day…). Hold On… Phone is Knocking… Ah, its Dentzler school, and they want me to noon-aide today. Well, that sounds like fun, so I […]

TGIF (I guess)

I’m Proud of Canadian Highway Police for finding some particularly stupid people in a weekend crackdown last weekend. The story is below in its entirety from Motorists driven to distraction Children as ballast, duct-taped windshields — OPP see it all 650 charged in weekend crackdown BOB MITCHELL STAFF REPORTER […]

Stupid People Alert!!!