Monthly Archives: April 2004

Alrighty, after feeling a bit under the weather the past few days, Today (thursday) I’m feeling pretty good. Finished with all my course work, my senior honors project signature page is finally close to complete (see friends-only rant on that one) and I’m just existing peacefully… Hopefully my stress-induced sickness […]

I Feel… Ok

My body is plotting a rebellion against me…. I can feel it. I started exercising 2 days ago… went for 2 walks now (every other day) and my body isn’t happy about it. Headaches today and yesterday, and a stomach ache all night (which was made all the better by […]

Revolt of Jon’s Body

Tonight was amazingly productive. I worked on, wrote a paper, cleaned out an email box (transferring it to my permenant email archives) and am now, at 1:30, ready to relax and go to bed. If I was always this productive… i’d be an amazing spectacle to watch, until I […]

Amazingly Productive Night

Ok, here is my stab at putting my intro to philosophy class to good use. I’ll try to post (every so often) ethical questions and invite others to comment on them. Today’s hit me while I was in church, and as always with hypothetical situations, remember, this does not indicate […]

Ethical Question #1

Well, I changed my desk configuration today again, as I really need to find the ultimate, ergonomic setup. I don’t know why I’m bothering so much, because in 3 months I’ll have it all moved up to the lake, but for now, I just NEED things in a good order. […]

A Lesson in Ergonomics

This afternoon I got the UA ZipMail (campus wide student, faculty, staff emailing) that reported that Akron’s Tuition was going up 9.9 percent next fall. 19% for new incoming law students. Now I know why I busted ass to graduate early… As a humerous side note, it wasn’t until 3 […]

Tuition Raises at UA

Computer screens have opened the doors to much of the opprotunities in my life. It was a computer screen that allowed me to become interested in networking, programming, exploration of the internet, computer certifications, and teaching and persuing an academic career. It is also those bloody computer screens that have […]

My Eyes Suck