Jingle Bells… New Web Design

If you haven’t noticed, JonWestfall.com is undergoing some changes. I’m planning on moving it to a planethosting.com server (Since I’m a serveradmin there, I might as well host some of my sites there) where I can control the backend of things. Mambo server is also something we’ll be working on, and better integration with the LJ portion of my content. Hopefully I’ll have everything up and ready by xmas, and can launch a fully-connected Jon Westfall 2005 starting January 1.
Oh Boy… ๐Ÿ˜‰
Talk Later,

I’ve Said it Before, and I’ll Say It Again!

Lots of my friends have heard me say this before the election, and tuesday night just proved once and again – I’m right.
Young People (18-24) DO NOT VOTE!
According to Fox News (2004: Not the Year of the Youth Vote), “First-time voters made up about 10 percent of the electorate, about the same as in 2000, and they favored Kerry. Four years ago, the group leaned toward Gore.”
So Michael Moore and his shinanigans of buying college students underwear, and MoveOn.org and the other 527 groups that have plagued us as late were WORTHLESS.  They caused a lot of noise, but in the end, they spoke loudly and carried a twig.  And as we all know from the redesign of JonWestfall.com – my motto begs to differ.
So while I don’t do it often, I’ll do it now: I TOLD YOU SO!

It’s Been Awhile

Well, this is the first entry of three I’m planning on making today (Public, Private, Friends-Only). As this is the public one, I feel like I should summarize the points since the last public entry on 8/25
1. I’m a busy graduate student now, and unfortunatly, my Journal has reflected this! My last post was 10/5 and it was private.
2. Life is wonderful now that K & I are together every day. Long Distance relationships can sure suck at times, but only in the distance part (not the other person!)
3. Did I mention I’m busy?
So, anyway, to read more, login and view my friends-only post. Adios Muchachos y Muchachas.

Got GMail?

I’m looking to give away a few gmail invites I have.  If anyone is interested, post a comment.  I’ll screen all comments so its basically a private message to me.

The Super Horoscope Generator!

UPDATE: Since writing this post in 2004, I’ve actually written a real Horoscope generator of sorts – an “Anti” Horoscope generator known as Jon’s Harasstrology Horriblescopes. You can use it on Facebook, Windows Phone 7, or Android!


Hey, if you’re bored, check out my Super Horoscope Generator. Right now it doesn’t have too many different horoscopes to give out, but I plan on adding more in the future. If you have a suggestion for it, or a new horoscope it could give, or just a comment, post it to this thread!

Karey & I Went Geocaching!

We finally went geocaching, after talking about doing it all summer. Karey, Mark, & I went up to Montour Trail and found This Cache Its our first cache, and I think we all had fun. I’ll post pictures when I get a chance.

Why I Voted No for the School Levy

Ok, So the Parma schools, for as long as I can remember, has been begging for money. They get more, mis-manage it, and than want MORE. So why did I vote No today on a levy that would support my mother’s job? Well, it really has nothing to do with the begging for money, it has all to do with the marketing of the levy.
Today’s campaign was virtually non-existant. They tried to push it through silently, hoping that the normal gaggle of no-voters would stay away because they were unaware of the vote in the first place. Still, when I saw 2 highschool kids holding Save our Schools signs in front of my voting place, it cemented my No vote.
When I was in 11th grade, the schools were trying for a levy (as usual). This was just after a corruption scandal had broken and the treasurer had been bought out. One day, all of the honors students (those in the top 15% of the class or so) were visited in our classes by the school’s administration. We were asked to volunteer for the levy campaign. Of course, the consequences of NOT volunteering and of the levy NOT passing were dire, including:
* Remova
l of Honors Classes at the High School Level
* Removal of sports
* Removal of one of the 3 school swimming pools in the district (we have 3 high schools, each with their own pool)
* and more miscellaneous threats.
If we did volunteer, we were promised a warm fuzzy feeling and it was also hinted that college admissions officers would look favorably at this community service (At the time, we were all brainwashed to believe that getting into college was akin to Godzilla trying to break out of a maximum security prison: possible, but very very difficult – even for us honor students)
So they basically decided to use students (us at the time, those 2 highschoolers today) as the poor puppy-dog eyed reason to give the incompetent school board more money.
Today the teachers & staff were not inconvienced and asked to come out and push for the levy – the children were. Children who have 3 weeks of freedom left before school starts, and when it starts, receive no compensation for their time or reward. All they get is the satisfaction that the boogey-man won’t take away their favorite class or sport, and that the board members and administrations can sit comfortably in an airconditioned office (airconditioning that most of the schools lack, by the way) and dream up more new ways to spend money.
That’s why I voted No to an additional levy. Sorry PCSD – until you get your act together, make a valid case for why you need more money (Even honestly saying “Hey, we wasted it again but we will use it now for …”), and STOP THE SCARE TACTICS AND THE USING OF STUDENTS – My vote on additional levys is no. Renewals – I evaluate those on a case-by-case basis.

Beer on the Wall

Someone from my mother’s guinea pig website started a thread in the discussion board of “1,000 bottles of beer on the wall”. Being a smart ass, I wrote a nice little script to at http://bugjr.com/beer.php to do the hard work for me….
Now I’m thirsty… damn.