Yearly Archives: 2004

If you haven’t noticed, is undergoing some changes. I’m planning on moving it to a server (Since I’m a serveradmin there, I might as well host some of my sites there) where I can control the backend of things. Mambo server is also something we’ll be working on, […]

Jingle Bells… New Web Design

Well, this is the first entry of three I’m planning on making today (Public, Private, Friends-Only). As this is the public one, I feel like I should summarize the points since the last public entry on 8/25 1. I’m a busy graduate student now, and unfortunatly, my Journal has reflected […]

It’s Been Awhile

UPDATE: Since writing this post in 2004, I’ve actually written a real Horoscope generator of sorts – an “Anti” Horoscope generator known as Jon’s Harasstrology Horriblescopes. You can use it on Facebook, Windows Phone 7, or Android!   Hey, if you’re bored, check out my Super Horoscope Generator. Right now […]

The Super Horoscope Generator!

Someone from my mother’s guinea pig website started a thread in the discussion board of “1,000 bottles of beer on the wall”. Being a smart ass, I wrote a nice little script to at to do the hard work for me…. Now I’m thirsty… damn.

Beer on the Wall